Pyramid Oracle - a street artist from NYC and I collaborated. This was the pre-shot. FREETHENIPPLE IFYOUWANTTO BUTDONTIFYOUDONTITSFINE 


On shoot with Simei Irene Snyman at Brenteleigh hall, Suffolk. A place from my childhood, owned by a family who for 60 years basically never did any maintenance. My mum helped her best mate (and one of six of the owner's decendants) Adrian grow the vegetables in the walled garden. I spent lots of my child life here with boozed slain parents at bonfire parties eating 2 year old ice cream from the freezer whilst hanging out with ghosts in a room decor of peeling material wallpaper and occasionally swimming in the algae drowned, freezing cold, pool. (The location for the spooky attic girl photo, the covered figure at the window photo and the monster in the pink bed photo) NOSTALGIA QUEEN X